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20111120 - 3.08
Fix for ticket#14 - CDWithoutBackslash=2 breaks some scripts

20110123 - 3.06
Most notable fix is cd into directories which names contains [ now works

20100415 - 3.05A
3.05A package released

20100207 - 3.05Arc4
exe only, copy over your current installation. To run debug version you need pmprintf.dll.
- fixed various LargeFileSupport issues with copy, tree, dir.... commands
- experimental code to enable type on devices (f.i. type ibms506$ /P/L) 

20090904 - 3.05Arc3
- fixed dir for files >=4GB
- added wrapper functions for older system which do not support LargeFiles (pre Warp Server for e-bussines) 

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